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My Testimony of Salvation in Christ

In my most recent post I mentioned that a key event in the past 13 months has been my salvation. Well, today (03/09/14) I have committed to follow the example of Christ in obedience and go through the waters of baptism. Baptism is an important element to salvation as it signifies the believer’s identification and participation with Christ, His death and His resurrection. Millard Erickson puts it well when he says,

“Baptism is a powerful form of proclamation. It is a setting forth of the truth of what Christ has done; it is a “word in water”…It is a symbol rather than merely a sign, for it is a graphic picture of the truth it conveys.”

So for those who will not be able to come to my baptism, I desired to post this where it would not only be a public testimony of my love for Christ, but also a means, perhaps, to encourage you, or by God’s grace, lead you to the Lord.


Today I stand before you all to testify of the work of the Holy Spirit in my life. I was raised in a Christian household all my life, and I’ve heard the gospel many, many times, but I never understood it. I knew the right way to go, but I rarely went it, and I knew that to be saved I had to surrender everything to the Lord, but I never did. In fact the very thought was extremely far from my mind.

I can truly say with the song that, “I once was lost in darkest night, and thought I knew the way”, and, “The sin that promised joy in life had led me to the grave.” I was on a dark road, and though I knew it wasn’t right, I thought I knew the way and could steer my ship where it needed to go. I loved the world so much that I couldn’t let it go, and I continued to give in to things I said I would never do.

But it wasn’t till the point that my sin and love of evil finally caught up to me. That was the point where I was literally at the end of the line. I had absolutely nowhere to go that wasn’t a dead end, and by God’s grace alone I realized I couldn’t do it in my own strength anymore. And thats when The Lord showed Himself to me, and I truly saw Christ for the first time. I had been spoken to, admonished and rebuked so many times, I had heard the gospel and seen it’s effects in others lives, yet I continually kicked against the goads.

However, by the Word of the Lord and the sight of sin that was continually brought to me by my parents, elders and friends, I was driven to my knees in repentance. I let go of all the worldly things I loved. I couldn’t hold onto them anymore. They were shallow, hollow and blown around by the wind, and I was now set on a rock.

Four months ago I would have told you I was a good person, but I knew in my heart I was the most wretched hypocrite ever. Now I can tell you with a full heart that all I have and want is Christ and it is truly well with my soul.


Praise be to God, and amen.